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We are so glad you are here and that you have decided to help build a front porch to welcome home prodigals. Without your help as a volunteer we would not be able to effectively reach the lost as Jesus called us to. You are truly influencing environments where life change happens. We pray that your experience as a volunteer will grow your personal walk with Christ and provide you with an opportunity to change the lives of others!


Please take some time to read through the descriptions of each of our Serve Teams to decide where you can best use your giftings!

Greeting Team

The Greeter Team creates a positive first impression by welcoming, greeting, and encouraging each guest.

Serve Details

  • Greet guests and open doors at church and auditorium entrances
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Be personable, authentic, and encouraging
  • Add a personal touch when appropriate (handshake, high-five, or a hug)
  • When helping guests, walk them to their destination
  • Create an atmosphere of excitement between services
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Cafe Team

The Cafe Team uses the gift of hospitality to add a personal touch to the campus by preparing and serving convenient, quality refreshments.

Serve Details

  • Have a working knowledge of how to brew coffee
  • Maintain a clean area in prep and tear down
  • Inform Lead or Staff member of any stocking needs. Maintaining knowledge of inventory and needs for Sundays.
  • Prepare and maintain coffee carts
  • Smile, make eye contact, and be personable and authentic
  • Be proactive in helping and greeting guests—don’t wait for them to approach
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Prayer Team

The Prayer Team uses the gift of intercession to pray for guests who request it during services and throughout the week.

Serve Details

  • Pray for attendees as requested before and after service
  • Assist with resources, set-up, and tear-down of weekend prayer area
  • Help cover campus leadership and teams in prayer between Sundays
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Usher Team

The Usher Team helps to create a distraction-free and orderly environment by helping guests to their seats, facilitating communion and the offering, and facilitating the weekly auditorium count.

Serve Details

  • Welcome guests with a smile and help them to their seats
  • Be proactive in greeting guests who are already seated
  • Help maintain a distraction-free and orderly environment during service
  • Facilitate the offering
  • Prepare areas for the next service
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Square1 / Info

The Square1/Info Team uses the gift of hospitality to host, greet, and provide useful information for guests in the lobby. They help first-time guests identify their next steps by providing resources and information about campuses, weekend services, and ministries.

Serve Details

  • Be personable and authentic—let guests know they are a priority
  • Be proactive in helping and greeting guests—don’t wait for them to approach
  • Seek out those who appear to be a first-time guest or who may have questions or specific needs
  • Walk guests to the location or individual they need—avoid pointing or shouting
  • Be familiar with what services are available for guests at your campus
  • Help set up and organize the information area
  • Distribute Bibles, Transit bundles, and other materials
  • Be familiar with the Red Rocks app and important events, dates, times, and locations
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Parking Team

The Parking Team gives guests a positive first impression as they arrive to our campus by welcoming them and providing clear and safe directions for parking.

Serve Details

  • Arrive early to complete parking lot set up
  • Welcome guests with a smile and a wave
  • Assist guests to available parking. Help direct handicapped guests to parking spots as quickly as possible.
  • Manage traffic flow so guests can arrive and leave as efficiently as possible
  • Ensure the safety of guests in the parking lot
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Security / Medical Team

The Security Team maintains a safe environment and provides guests with both emergency and non-emergency first-aid care.

Serve Details

  • Be aware and vigilant as guests are arriving and navigating the campus
  • Create a secure perimeter and maintain a safe environment
  • Ensure guests are treated privately in the case of injury, unless they can’t be moved safely
  • Limit disruption to services during medical emergencies or incidents
  • Partner with Police or Staff to make any calls to EMTs and stay onsite until the person is treated or has left with EMTs
  • Maintain a record of any injury or incident
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